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  • SL70 Honda Musket Mufflers MH485
  • Honda SL70 Musket Muffler Silencer MH485
  • Honda Silencer SL 70 Musket Muffler MH485
  • Musket Muffler Honda SL 70 complete system 1973
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Musket Mufflers

HONDA SL70 COMPLETE SYSTEM 1973 | Musket Mufflers


Suitable for: 1973 models

Muffler Model: MH485

We Ship Internationally!

Not sure how to install the HONDA SL 70 Muffler System? 

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Product Information

We have an original sample here at Musket.

At Musket Mufflers, we offer a 100% Guaranteed Fit and fast delivery to ensure you get your parts in a timely manner!

When you call to order, please use the Muffler Model Number above to ensure we can supply you the correct item.

This muffler is covered by our 2 year warranty against material defects, fatigue and cracking under normal usage.

The warranty does not cover any external forces that may quickly rot the steel, such as cow excrement and/or exposure to sea salt, or any other chemical or natural corrosive substance.

You can read our Warranty page for more information.