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  • Rotary Boiler Mufflers from Musket Mufflers / Manawatu Muffler Centre
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Musket Mufflers

Rotary Boiler Muffler / Silencer from Manawatu Muffler Centre / Musket Mufflers

Rotary Boiler Muffler

Best on the market and 100's sold nationwide it is proven to reduce noise without affecting performance. Packed with all the good stuff, and coated in a high temp paint finish, this muffler is easy to fit. Specs 450 long x 175 diameter, round, or if you want something else we can make to order here at Musket Mufflers & Manawatu Muffler Centre. Inlet and outlet centre, centre with a choice of 2.5" or 3" pipe size. Allow 5 days dispatch from ordering 

WARNING "We are aware of cowboys making rotarys in NZ from our designs, passed off as like ours, they are VERY different, we are the original Rotary Muffler builder you will not be disappointed with our sound, welding and finish!"

Product Information

We have an original sample here at Musket.

At Musket Mufflers, we offer a 100% Guaranteed Fit and fast delivery to ensure you get your parts in a timely manner!

When you call to order, please use the Muffler Model Number above to ensure we can supply you the correct item.

This muffler is covered by our 2 year warranty against material defects, fatigue and cracking under normal usage.

The warranty does not cover any external forces that may quickly rot the steel, such as cow excrement and/or exposure to sea salt, or any other chemical or natural corrosive substance.

You can read our Warranty page for more information.