About Musket Mufflers MLB NZ Ltd

Musket Mufflers History 

Musket is known by many names MLB NZ Ltd, Mastiff Mufflers, M and L Brown, MLB Manufacturing, Muskcat, Muskrat and Musket, Mufflers in NZ all roads lead to Rome!!

Just over 34 years ago farmer Mike Brown made his own muffler for his farm motorbike - this lead the formation of MLB Manufacturing with his wife Lorraine. Since Then the MLB Manufacturing team developed knowledge and systems for various jigs and patterns for almost any any machine with a muffler.

In 2013 - MLB Manufacturers was purchased by Colin and Vanessa Farrington forming the company MLB NZ Ltd and trading as Musket Mufflers.

Musket Mufflers Workshop - in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Musket Mufflers can make over 1000 models of mufflers and silencers

With various in jigs and patterns for almost any any machine that has a muffler - Musket Mufflers can make:

  • Tractor Mufflers,
  • Motorbike Mufflers
  • Digger Mufflers
  • Bulldozer Mufflers

The Musket Mufflers team know everything there is to know about mufflers and can supply a muffler with just a make and model, this can be shipped overnight anywhere in NZ and also internationally!

We can also custom make to order if you need something for a special project!

With an extensive customer base across New Zealand and Musket Mufflers are exported worldwide - including America, United Kingdom, Australia, France and South Africa.

Located in Palmerston North together with their business Manawatu Muffler Centre they can offer the complete package of muffler design, build and fitting if required.

Musket Mufflers customized their own equipment to manufacture their own parts (doing this wasn’t easy). We did this because purchasing outsourced perforated tubes was very expensive.

Naturally, this means their mufflers would have to be marked up to cover our costs, which then leads to expensive mufflers for you.

We didn’t like this one bit.
Instead, we toiled to find a new way to build everything from scratch so that we can pass these savings on to you!

With this new method, we tweaked our machines to build all our parts inhouse. You’ll find that this is why our mufflers are so affordable.

With an experienced team in the on site manufacturing workshop, Musket Mufflers have a commitment to produce mufflers that are a quality product with an outstanding reputation. Check out our Customer Reviews

Musket Mufflers are passionate about what they do and there is never two days the same at the factory, with such a diverse range it's rare to make duplicate mufflers on the same day.

Colin, Vanessa and the rest of the Musket Mufflers team look forward to working with you, we are only ever a phone call away!

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