Musket Mufflers Warranty

Warranty and Manufacturer's Liability

Four year warranty on Musket Mufflers

  1. Musket Mufflers carry a four year warranty against material defects, fatigue and cracking under normal usage.

  2. The warranty does not cover any external forces that may quickly rot the steel, such as cow excrement and/or exposure to sea salt, or any other chemical or natural corrosive substance.

  3. The expected life of a Musket Mufflers exhaust systems can be up to 10 years if cleaned regularly and properly.

  4. We reserve the right to make our own products, and any changes that are considered necessary or useful, without jeopardising the essential characteristics.

  5. We are under no liability for any injury, loss or damage to any person, or property, arising out of the use of our manufactured goods.

  6. We will replace defective products, that are manufactured by us, but this does not cover damage caused by misuse, alteration or neglect.


Please contact us if you have a warranty enquiry on any of our products.

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