Testimonials for International Muffler & Silencer Manufacturer – Musket Mufflers

Testimonials for Musket Mufflers

Here's a few of the things our extremely satisfied customers had to say about their Mufflers!


"I recently found and purchased the 1978 Honda XL250s that I got for my 15th birthday in 1979. It is still in very good shape but the exhaust has to be replaced. I see you manufacture exact replacements. Could you please give me the price of the muffler and header including shipping to Heidelberg, Mississippi USA (zip code 39439)? Also, the price of the muffler only with shipping in case I am able to use the original header. Thank you so much in advance for your time and thank you for helping people keep their motorcycles and other vehicles running as originally intended."

- Richard Ball, USA


"Just a note to express my satisfaction with my recent purchase . Your website was very user friendly , my queries were speedily answered, purchase request was completed on wed. morning, muffler and parts arrived thurs. morning and I fitted them this morning in 15 minutes as everything was a perfect fit. Good to know old fashioned customer service still happens."

- John Rudd


"It seems you are the only company in the world producing exhaust systems for this machine and I'm pleased I found you!"

- Tim Chambers, England



"Can't wait to get this shipment! I have been telling bike dealers about you during my search for obsolete parts. Thanks to you, vintage exhaust systems really are no longer obsolete!"

 - Richard Ball, USA


"That muffler I ordered. It Arrived today, fantastic service but what there’s more. Customer collected and fitted and just called to say, “Leighton” it fits like a glove. So good news is good to share. Merci & keep smiling"



"When I found my old bike a few weeks ago, I started looking for the parts I needed. Before I found your website, I saw a picture online of a new muffler for my bike. I zoomed in on the picture and saw it said Musket Mufflers...then I googled Musket Mufflers and there you were! I am completely amazed and very thankful for what you do."



"I found your website recommended on a website called Classic Suzuki Thumpers.. It seems you are the only company in the world producing exhaust systems for this machine and I'm pleased I found you!"


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